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Thursday, December 30, 2010

New Years Eve (A Once-a-Year Event)

Good Afternoon Everyone!

I hope you are all doing well today!

The week is rapidly coming to a close and it was already a short one to begin with for most of us.  But now that we are just a day away from putting 2010 squarely in the review mirror, let us look back (fondly!) on what has passed.

I am not going to offer up some run down of the new stories or count down top songs.  Rather, I want to urge you to think about your own life.  In much the way you may around Thanksgiving when a family member, friend or co-worker prods you to share what you are thankful for.

Think back on this year.  Did you fall in love?  Stay in love?  Move beyond a relationship?
What big leaps were made?  Buy your first house?  Bear your first child?  Welcome a second or a third?
Did you lose a loved one or a friend?  Did you get a pet?  Perhaps a small furry companion?  Or a winged talking one?
Have you finished that project you have been working on?  Have you started it?  What about that hobby of yours you have been meaning to make more time for?  With each passing day there is less time for everything . . .
How is your job?  How is your job search?  What were the moments that made you smile proudly when you were done?  That found you wanting to close the door and dance in your office?  Did you make a big sale?  Was your project accepted by everyone?  Did you nail that interview right from the handshake?
What about school?  Have you finished?  Have you returned?  Has your child just started and you miss them?
Did you travel anywhere this year?  What sites did you see?  Did you cross the ocean for the first time?  Take yet another road trip?  First trip on a plane?
Sampled any new foods?  Do you have a new favorite?  A new worst-food-ever?  A new craving?
What about a concert or show?  Did your favorite singer glance your way during a song?  Did you get to scream when they took the stage?  Maybe some rousing applause for your preferred alto?
Were you in a fortunate city with a sports team that won it all?  Did you take to the streets when the final seconds ticked off the clock?  Where were you when it all went down?

There are so many memories to be made in a year.  Some for better, some for worse.  But if you stay positive, you can take the bad in stride and live for the good in each day.

One last piece of advice:  only make a resolution if you really want to.  Do not get pushed into doing it if you will only lament your lack of effort later.

Have a Happy New Year Everyone!

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